Proving Purity

Experts estimate that 80% of commercially available “pure” essential oils are adulterated in some way. As a third-party lab, our mission is to provide clients with a reliable source for verifying essential oil purity.

Our expert staff has decades of combined experience in testing essential oil purity. They have studied and developed a variety of methods to detect adulterations through use of new techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

About Us

Research for
Essential Oils

While other laboratories evaluate a wide range of products containing plant-based ingredients, we specialize in essential oil research and testing.

We work to compile existing publications, interview experienced essential oil producers, conduct field research, gather raw materials, discover new therapeutic benefits of essential oils, and more. In addition to examination of the latest application techniques, market research is done in order to keep the public updated on the quality of essential oils currently available.

Our intensive, research-based methodologies enable us to provide the public with unparalleled support in their search for the highest quality essential oils.

Research for Essential Oils

Quality Control? Check.

Utilizing the latest techniques and scientific equipment, we perform a number of tests to verify consistency in essential oil chemical profiles and to detect contamination and/or adulteration of an oil. Our advanced technology enables us to accurately and efficiently test each lot of oil submitted. We also perform further testing on the many volatile and non-volatile essential oil molecules that have not been explored for therapeutic use and medicinal application.




APRC® engages with a diverse group of clients with a variety of backgrounds and needs. We are committed to providing a wide range of essential oil analyses in addition to producing top-notch research and developing new essential oil technologies.

We look forward to sharing our groundbreaking discoveries as we progress in our mission to produce uncompromising research, analysis, and testing services to the medical, university, and broader essential oil community around the world.