CEO Aaron Sorensen and CSO Dr. Prabodh Satyal are the sole owners of APRC.

While working for the essential oil industry, Aaron and Prabodh saw a need for testing and regulation. According to Verify Markets, an independent market research and consulting firm, the global aromatherapy and essential oil industry was valued at approximately $5.1 billion in 2017. By 2020, it is expected to be an approximated $10.8 billion revenue with a 26.3% growth rate. The largest restraints, as cited by Verify Markets, are the lack of industry standards and the prevalence of quality issues. APRC was created to offer the industry an independent lab that could provide testing and research that would be an asset to the growing industry. APRC’s core focus on adulteration detection, sustainability research, scientific publications and education addresses a growing need in the expanding essential oil industry.  

APRC was first imagined by Aaron and Prabodh in 2016. At that time they were working at an essential oil import, testing and formulation entity and saw a need for a laboratory solely focused on aromatic plants and essential oils. With the prevalence of adulteration in the industry, they wanted to offer everyone the ability to test their oils to verify purity.

APRC has expanded from not only offering the most sophisticated means of detecting adulteration, to also offering research, publications, education and consulting from a board of experts with over 100 years of combined experience in aromatic plants.

Prabodh and Aaron met in 2013 while working together in the essential oil industry, including for companies such as Essential Oil University, Alchemy Aromatics, doTERRA, and others. Through the work they did, they saw a lack of regulation that affected the ethics in the industry. When they began to organize the board of APRC, they wanted people with experience in the industry that shared their passion for honesty, accuracy and ethics. It was important to find people who kept the theme of transparency in the industry. They located experts who are passionate & knowledgeable and leaders in their realm.

Through connections in the industry, Brian Lawrence, William Setzer, Anjanette DeCarlo, and Noura Dosoky were all hired to be board members of APRC. Dr. Lawrence was already well established in the field after working for more than 30 years with essential oils. Dr. Setzer is a key researcher in the field and publishes a majority of the papers put out by APRC in a year. When choosing a sustainability expert, Dr. DeCarlo was sought out because of her vast experience working with frankincense and other sustainability projects. Finally, Dr. Dosoky was chosen for her unique experience as a research scientist with a focus on biology.

APRC is an independent, third-party lab with a variety of clients. A third-party lab is defined by being disassociated with and no invested interest in their clients, aside from the services provided.