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May 03 2019 2 Comment(s)

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Japan and give presentations on essential oil quality control and the chemistry of essential oils. Starting in historic Tokyo, I was impressed with the enthusiasm and desire to learn as much as possible about essential oils in everyone I met. This was my first trip to Japan and I found the culture and kindness of the people made me feel right at home.

From Tokyo, I was able to visit the beautiful cities of Nagoya, Osaka, Oita, Beppu, Fukuoka, and Kyoto. In these presentations, I focused on the basics of what essential oils are and how we obtain them and then spent a great deal of time discussing how and why adulteration takes place. I then went into great detail about the unique way APRC is able to detect the various means of adulterating essential oils.

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I was also able to meet with the executive team at the Shimadzu Scientific Headquarters in Kyoto Japan. Shimadzu is our exclusive GC and LC equipment provider, and a wonderful partner in science. Shimadzu has a nearly 150-year history of being an innovator in science and providing the best in equipment and teaching tools. I was able to meet and discuss at length various project we are working on together and potential new ways we can collaborate in the fields of aromatic plant research. I’m grateful for their hospitality and time.

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After the meetings with Shimadzu, I flew to Taiwan to give one final presentation at a conference of more than 4000 essential oil enthusiasts. It was incredibly fun and I enjoyed returning to Taiwan after an 8 year gap since my last time being there.

9 presentations in 12 days, thousands of people and an immeasurable experience. Thank you Japan and Taiwan!

Aaron Sorensen CEO, APRC

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  • Erica Kuo:

    07 May 2019 01:40:00

    I am Registered Herbalist, CA(NAHA), MIFPA. I live in Taiwan but soon will move to WA USA. I’d like to share you the news that is 99% essential oil in Taiwan didn’t run GC/MS based on local study and there is a hug adulteration issue in Taiwan. I advocate essential oil and hydrosol testing is necessary for the customers sake for past ten years. But lots of farmers and customers didn’ t care. The majority just want cheap products. Some will run rest but they use old data to fool people on the market. I am curious when the conference was hold. thank you

    APRC Response: Hello Erica, this conference was just a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, essential oils globally are adulterated on a large scale. That's why we are dedicated to purity.

  • Dave Vaughan:

    18 Jul 2020 22:43:00

    I noticed you gave your talk in Tokyo at a doTERRA facility. Do you hold a strong partnership with this company?

    APRC Response: doTERRA is one of our many clients and they have asked us to speak at several of their conferences in the past. We speak at many conferences across the world.

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