Latest Testimonials

Quality Services

Date: Apr 2 2019

Although Vigon possesses extensive internal testing capabilities and expertise, Vigon felt compelled to back its “100% PURE” promise and “BEYOND GCMS” claims to Aromatherapy clients by adding an additional layer of independent testing. We chose APRC as Vigon’s go-to third-party laboratory for this second opinion. We are impressed by the quality of their services, in terms of advanced analytical tools and procedures, very sharp expertise, and quality of their trustworthy reports

Stellar Customer Service

Date: May 28 2019

Our partnership with APRC has been incredibly valuable. Not only are their scientists knowledgeable, they are willing to explain the details of their reports and answer all questions that we have. We are grateful for their stellar customer service and efficient turnaround times.

A Reliable 3rd Party

Date: Jun 11 2019

APRC has been a reliable 3rd party testing laboratory. They do top quality work with an extensive knowledge of purity testing and research worldwide on aromatic plants. Working with APRC has enabled us to be very selective with our growers, harvesters, and distillers to bring the best quality essential oils to our customers.